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How will you handle a loss? How should you mourn? How do you cope with the grief? Grief is something we all feel at some point after a loss and funeral home service in Little Elm, TX. To better understand what grief is and how to work through it, use this list of common questions about grief and their answers for more information:


What is grief? Grief is a deep kind of sorrow associated with a loss, whether that loss is a death or another kind of loss, such as that of a relationship, job, or even hope for the future.


  • What are the symptoms of grief? Grief manifests in many different ways between different people or even at different times. How you grieve at one point in your life might be very different than how you grieve at another. Grief can also manifest in a variety of ways from physical and emotional to mental symptoms. Some of the most common include heart palpitations, headaches, GI issues, body pain, anger, bitterness, confusion, loss of joy, apathy, irritability, fear, shame, anxiety, or even betrayal.
  • funeral home service in Little Elm, TX How is grief different than mourning? Grief is the internal experience or emotional response after a loss, while mourning is the external way, we process our grief. In other words, grief is what you are holding onto on the inside and mourning is what you’re letting out. While everyone grieves and mourns differently, is important to be aware of and acknowledge where you are in your personal grief and mourning process.
  • How long does grief last? There is no set timeline for grief. How long grief lasts varies from person to person and even from loss to loss. For example, you might grieve longer after the loss of a spouse versus the loss of a job. If you feel that your grief is lasting longer than it “should,” you might feel more comfortable speaking to a professional.
  • How long should you mourn a loss? Mourning is the outward expression of grief. As such, there is no set timeline for how long you should mourn after a loss. Mourning periods vary between people, cultures, religions, and more. For example, the Jewish, Eastern Orthodox, Hindu, and Muslim religious sects have set mourning periods, while many western cultures believe one year is an acceptable mourning period. Cultures and beliefs also dictate how to mourn, with traditions including wearing black, no dancing or celebrations, a black wreath on your door, and covering the doorbell.

Grief is hard work, and it’s important to acknowledge it as such so you can face it and come out stronger on the other side. Everyone grieves and mourns in their own way and for their own length of time. But no matter how, why, or how long you grieve, it’s an important part of processing a loss.


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