Abbreviated Grief and Cremation Services

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Whether you’re planning a funeral or a cremation service in Prosper, TX, you should be aware of the different kinds of grief and how to handle them, like abbreviated grief. Abbreviated grief, as the name signifies, is mourning that doesn’t last a long time. Though it’s short or abbreviated, this kind of grief isn’t any less real than other kinds.


Abbreviated grief is most common when there isn’t a close relationship with the deceased or when there’s an immediate replacement of the deceased. For example, it can occur when a widower remarries quickly after the death of his spouse, or when a distant relative dies. It can also occur after a terminal illness because of a phenomenon called anticipatory grief, which is when you do part of your grieving before the person actually dies so you don’t grieve as long after death.


Everyone grieves in their own unique way and in their own unique timeframe. Don’t compare your grief to someone else’s or judge another person for the way they mourn, even if you or they are dealing with abbreviated grief. Here are some fast facts about abbreviated grief to help you better understand and cope with your own loss:

  • Abbreviated grief is grief – While this kind of grief may not seem real or standard, it’s still very real and does happen often. Plus, everyone grieves differently.
  • Children often feel abbreviated grief – It’s normal for children to feel abbreviated grief depending on their age and relationship with the deceased.
  • Take care of yourself – Though abbreviated grief is short you still need to remember to take care of yourself. Eat, sleep, and exercise if you can as keeping your body healthy will make it easier for you to feel better.
  • Abbreviated grief can affect your health – No matter how short or long, grief has been shown to affect health by causing issues like increased blood pressure, poor sleep, physical aches and pains, trouble concentrating, and even heart palpitations. There is no shame in seeking help for physical grief manifestations.
  • cremation service in Prosper, TXThe feeling is always best – While it may be very tempting to numb your grief and pain with drugs, food, alcohol, or distractions like work, it’s always best to feel your feelings. It might be uncomfortable or painful, but you won’t be able to properly heal if you don’t allow yourself to truly grieve.
  • You don’t need to lose a loved one to grieve – People can experience abbreviated grief, and other kinds of grief, after a loss that isn’t a death. These can include divorce, loss of a friendship, job loss, or learning you can’t have kids.
  • Don’t feel guilty for abbreviated grief – Don’t feel pressure to prolong your grief or feel guilty over the length of your grief. Everyone mourns differently and in their own time, so don’t feel pressure or judgment because of how you feel.


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