Creative Ways to Help Someone Who’s Grieving

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Oftentimes it’s tough to know exactly how you can be of service. After all, you don’t want your attempts at being helpful to be a burden on them in their time of loss. You want to be helpful to someone who is grieving after a loss and service a funeral home in Prosper, TX, but how?


Here are some creative ways you can show up for someone in grief and be genuinely helpful:

  1. Keep Reaching Out – Grief doesn’t end after the funeral or cremation. Even after you’ve attended the service, said your condolences, brought a meal, and run some errands, keep reaching out. They’ll always appreciate the support.
  2. Ask – Sometimes the best way to provide exactly the help they need is to ask them what they need. Be specific, saying something like, “I’m free on Wednesday, what can I help you with?” or “Can I bring over dinner on Thursday night?”
  3. Help Them Rest – There’s a lot do to when someone dies, from planning the service to dealing with end-of-life legalities. Help out by taking things off their plate so they can really rest. Try taking over hosting responsibilities for out-of-town funeral guests, performing household chores, or doing some childcare for an afternoon. Yard work is an excellent way you can help out, as everyone needs their grass cut at some point.
  4. Run Errands – From making lists to actually doing the shopping, running errands takes a lot of physical and mental work. Taking errands off their plate would be very helpful in their time of grief.
  5. funeral home in Prosper, TX Go With Them Places – The simple act of going somewhere when in grief can be overwhelming. Offer to drive them places or simply go with them wherever they need to go so they’re not alone.
  6. Cook a Meal – Homecooked meals are genuinely comforting, but cooking takes time and energy – both of which are tough to come by in grief. Cook at their house while keeping them company or bring over an easily heated, freezer-friendly dish like a casserole, soup, or lasagna. You can also include a little treat in your meal delivery, such as a pie, cookies, a book, or even a pair of cozy socks.
  7. Be Flexible – What they need might vary from day to day. Yesterday, they might have wanted to be left alone, but today they might need a shoulder to cry on and an ear to hear their pain. Be flexible and willing to provide what they need as each moment passes.
  8. Gift Them a Massage – Physical touch-like massages can be very helpful when someone is grieving. Gift them a massage gift certificate so they can rest, relax, and have some time alone.


We are here to help if you want more tips on supporting someone in grief or more information on Prosper, TX funeral homes. With our years of experience in grief, funerals, and more, we are honored to assist in any way we can during your time of loss or preplanning. Please call or visit us today.


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