Should You Donate Your Organs?

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Tissue and organ donation has wide-reaching benefits, as those who need skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, heart valves, and more often have no other options. While organ donation is a great choice before cremation services in Frisco, TX, it’s not necessary right for everyone. Should you donate your organs or not? Here are some common reasons to or not to donate to help guide your choice.


Reason Why You Should Donate Your Organs:

  • Move the List – The organ donation list has over 107,000 people! By donating, you are moving the list so those people can get the help they need and so there’s more room on the list for new people that need help.
  • Save Lives – It’s a fact that organ donation saves lives. Depending on your donation preferences, your organs can save up to eight different people if you choose to donate your heart, intestines, pancreas, liver, two lungs, and two kidneys. If you choose to donate tissue, eyes, and other parts, your donation can improve and save the lives of even more people.
  • Advanced Science – Whole body donation to research is how most medical and scientific advancements are made. Your body can be used to study and treat diseases, develop new medical procedures, and educate future generations of healthcare providers.
  • Find Meaning – Death is scary, but choosing to donate your organs will ensure there’s meaning in your death.
  • Help People of All Ages – Everyone from newborn babies to grandparents needs organ and tissue transplants, so your donation will help people of all ages. If they’re otherwise healthy, no matter the donator’s age, their organs will be viable for donation


Reason Why You Should Not Donate Your Organs:

  • Personal Beliefs – Some feel that organ donation doesn’t save lives, but instead that it only puts off the inevitable. Organ donation is your choice, so this belief is well within your right.
  • cremation services in Frisco, TXDistrust – Many people don’t want to donate their organs because they’re worried that medical professionals won’t work as hard to save their life so the doctors can harvest their organs. They don’t trust that doctors or hospitals will look out for their best interests.
  • Medical Conditions – Certain diseases or conditions including HIV, heart or kidney disease, cancer, and diabetes make organ donation unsafe for the donor and the recipient.
  • Religion – Many religions forbid organ donation, oftentimes because they believe the body needs to be whole in order to reunite with the soul in the afterlife. The most common religions that discourage organ donation include Native Americans, Shintoists, Confucians, Roma Gypsies, and some Orthodox Jews.
  • No Control Over the Recipient – In most cases, organ donors have no control over who will receive their organs or tissues. Instead, organs go to the next person on the list, no matter the donor’s preferences. Cremations are also very flexible after they’re over, as they offer a range of options for what you can do with the cremated remains, including scattering and entombment.


We are here to help if you want to learn more about body donation or Frisco, TX cremation services. After all, organ, tissue, and body donation are a personal choice. No one can decide for you, and no choice is wrong. Pre-planning is determining the details of your funeral and cemetery services in advance. Whether any or all of these reasons apply to you, or you’re not comfortable donating for another reason, you don’t have to do it. Simply make sure your family and loved ones are aware of and understand your feelings.


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