Modern Mourning for After Cremation Services

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Mourning rituals are symbolic activities that help ease the pain of loss and the heavy weight of grief, as mourning is an important part of grief after a cremation service in Frisco, TX. Mourning rituals help those in grief connect with others over the loss and find support in one another. They are traditionally based in religion, like the catholic funeral service or the Jewish shiva. However, as classic religion is on a decline, many people are looking other places for their mourning rituals.

You can use these modern mourning rituals if you’re looking for inspiration for a ritual of your own:

  1. Burn Sage – Sage burning is another very traditional ritual. Sage has long been associated with cleansing and can therefore help you feel like you’ve aided the deceased in their passing or can assist in cleansing away negative emotions.
  2. Carry a Remembrance Item – You can carry an item that belonged to or reminds you of the deceased and help you remember that they are always with you. Remembrance items can be anything, such as a watch, handkerchief, lighter, or piece of jewelry.
  3. Host a Giveaway Ritual – Some ancient cultures would host a “giveaway” in which they would each take a piece of the deceased’s possessions to use as their own. You can do a modern version of this in which you go through and donate the deceased’s possessions with other grieving people.
  4. Cook the Deceased’s Favorite Meal – Food brings people together, especially in hard times. Cooking the deceased’s favorite meal and then sharing it with others allows you to honor their memory and connect with those that are also grieving the loss.
  5. Light a Candle – Candles have a long history of being associated with both rituals and grief. Take this tradition and make it your own by lighting a candle for the deceased at a certain time of day, a special date, or whenever you need to feel connected to them.
  6. Create an Altar – Though altars are traditionally more Eastern, they have recently become more and more popular in Western cultures. An altar for your lost loved one can be anything from a collection of meaningful items to an array of photos, candled and incense.
  7. Write Letters – There are often many things left unsaid when someone dies. A healthy way to say those unsaid things is to write a letter to the deceased. You can bury the letter with your loved one, burn it to release the feelings, or hold onto it for later remembrance.
  8. Create Art – Coloring a picture, painting, or sculpting is a wonderful way to release feelings of grief and loss. Create in the deceased’s memory in whatever medium feels comfortable to you.cremation services in Frisco, TX

These are simple yet powerful mourning rituals you can use after a loved one’s death. Slay Memorial Funeral Center is here to help if you want more information on mourning rituals or Frisco, TX cremation services. You can stop by and visit us or give us a call to learn more.