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Do you want to get creative with your lost loved one’s funeral home service in Prosper, TX? Thanks to new technology, flexibility in tradition, and creative people, there are many ways to celebrate your lost loved one with a funeral alternative. Here are creative funeral home alternatives to help inspire you:

  1. Donate to Science – If your lost loved one consented, you can donate their body to science. This donation comes at no cost to you or your family and goes a long way toward advancing medicine and healthcare. Plus, donations often come with a free cremation.
  2. Memorial Ornament – From homemade personalized ornaments to custom, store-bought pieces, it’s easy to honor your loved one every holiday season with a memorial ornament.
  3. Memorial Tree – You can plant a tree in memory of your lost loved one. Memorial trees are meaningful tributes that your family and friends can enjoy for generations to come. The memory of your lost loved one will live on for years.
  4. Memorial Diamonds – You can order a diamond made from your lost loved one’s cremains. The process uses about a half teaspoon of cremains, depending on the diamond size you want, and takes seven to 10 months. However, it’s well worth the wait to have a stunning memorial you can wear always.
  5. Celebration of Life – A celebration of life is all about celebrating your lost loved one’s life instead of mourning their passing. Most celebrations of life include sharing memories, jokes, and anecdotes about the deceased to help remember the good times.
  6. Scattering Ceremony – Scattering ceremonies are when you scatter or release your lost loved one’s cremated remains. There are many different ways to scatter cremations, from in the air or on the ground to in the water.
  7. funeral home service in Prosper, TXCremains Portraits – Professional cremains portrait artists will mix some of your loved one’s cremated remains with paint and create a special portrait of him or her. It doesn’t take a lot of cremains, but the portrait will surely be cherished by family and friends for generations to come.
  8. Reef Burial – Did you know you can bury cremated remains in coral reefs? The cremated remains are mixed with cement and then placed in the reef. The cremains help nourishes and build coral, contributing to the marine ecosystem and helping the deceased’s memory live on in nature.
  9. Virtual Memorial – Virtual services became popular in 2020 and 2021, but they’re not going anywhere because of the opportunities for creativity they offer. Not only does no one have to travel for a virtual service, but you can create videos, slideshows, and other digital additions to make the memorial special.
  10. Cremation Fireworks – Cremation fireworks take around three tablespoons of cremated remains, load them into a shell, and launch them into the sky. These beautiful displays are perfect send-offs for the deceased who loved being the center of attention.


We are here to help if you want more inspiration or desire more information on Prosper, TX funeral homes. We can offer more inspiration, as these are just a few ideas to inspire you for your loved one’s service. Call or visit us today to learn more about our services.


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