Common Funeral Mistakes

Posted on November 21, 2022 by Admin under Funeral Home
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You want your lost loved one’s funeral at a funeral home in Frisco, TX to go as smoothly as possible. However, that’s not as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of mistakes that the bereaved falls victim to during the deceased’s service. Here is a list of mistakes you should avoid during your lost loved one’s funeral:

  1. Drinking too Much – No one intends to drink too much on the day of their lost loved one’s funeral, but the common combination of stress, forgetting to eat, the plentiful availability of alcohol, and the long event often adds up to a too-drunk host or hostess. Be sure to eat, drink lots of water, and stay aware of how many drinks you’ve had to avoid getting too drunk.
  2. Not Delegating – Funerals are massive webs of moving parts and tiny details, from flowers and food to programs, speakers, readings, and more. It’s nearly impossible for one person to be in charge of everything, much less so if that one person is one of the bereaved. If you try to micromanage every aspect of the service, you can miss out on the precious unscripted moments that make the day truly meaningful. Whether to a coordinator, planner, friend, or family member, delegating tasks is your biggest tool on the day of the service.
  3. funeral home in Frisco, TXGetting Too Involved with Social Media – Sure, you want to have some special photos of the service your Instagram story, or a meaningful video for your TikTok. But there is a time and place for being on social media and a time and place for being present in the moment. Your lost loved one’s service is the latter. Make sure your guests understand this, too. Remember to tell your guests not to take pictures during the service.
  4. Trying a New Look – A brand new hair color or style is not a good idea for the day of your lost loved one’s funeral. Plus, you don’t make big appearance decisions right after you’ve suffered a loss. Keep the bangs, new tattoos, or fresh dye job for months down the line.
  5. Letting the Speeches Drag On – Toasts are fun, whether because they’re heartwarming or because Great Uncle John always says the craziest things. However, don’t let the speeches go on too long. Your guests won’t want to sit and listen to people talk, they want to mingle and enjoy sharing memories of the deceased. Ask your speakers to keep their speech under two minutes each and request that they practice the speech beforehand to ease any mistakes or discomfort in public speaking.

While these mistakes might not make or break the funeral, avoiding them will help make your lost loved one that much better. Hiring us as your Frisco, TX funeral home will also make the service better. We are here to help if you want to learn more about common funeral mistakes or how our services can be tailored to your specific needs. Call or visit us today.


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