Committal Services and Funeral Homes

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Do you know what a committal service is, or how they relate to funeral homes in Little Elm, TX? Committal service is a graveside service in which you commit the body to the ground, or bury the body. These services are generally the final goodbye for the family before the deceased is buried. The origin of the phrase “committal” in this context is thought to have been derived from a burial sermon in the Book of Common Prayer that states, “We, therefore, commit this body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life.”


As the ritual is usually brief, about 15 to 20 minutes, many families choose to have a commitment right after the funeral service, but you can have a commitment without a funeral or memorial. You can have a commitment service for cremated remains. You can commit the cremated ashes to the ground in a burial urn, or have them inurned in a columbarium niche. In fact, cremation committals often look and feel almost exactly the same as a service for a full body. The urn is often set on a table before the committee, and some families choose to decorate the table with flowers, photos, and memorabilia.


Committing your lost loved one to the earth or another burial location is a wonderful way to say goodbye. Ready to plan a commitment? Here are tips:

Pick a burial site – Does your family have a plot with other family members? If so, call the office and reserve a plot for the deceased. If not, do some research and choose a cemetery in which you’d like your loved one to be buried. You can often buy a plot directly from the cemetery or from an individual.

Choose a flow for the service – You must find an officiant to run the committal, whether that means your pastor or priest or even a family member, friend, or other loved one. Once you have an officiant, work with them to choose what you want to service to include, such as readings, prayers, eulogies, or a sermon. If you don’t want a formal service, that’s ok. You can just have attendees say a few short words about the deceased

funeral homes in Little Elm, TX

Keep an eye on the weather – As commitments are usually outdoors, the weather plays a big role. Be sure to plan for heat, snow, rain, or wind.

Connect with the cemetery sexton – The cemetery sexton is the person in charge of running the cemetery’s day-to-day operations. As such, he will take care of the details for the commitment ceremony like making sure the grave is dug and prepared, bringing the casket or urn to the grave and placed on a lowering device, and getting the surrounding area ready for the service with chairs and other decorations.


We are here to help with more tips on committals or information on Little Elm, TX funeral homes. Call or visit us today.


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